Though not all of them can be seen.  But those of us who have visible scars face unpleasant curiosity of people around and frequent rejection of themselves. They say scars adorn men, but what should women do? It is much more difficult for them to see their own beauty and uniqueness and accept their body as it is.

         While shooting we talked a lot about the origins of their scars with the characters of my project.  Some joked and laughed at absurd coincidences, others cried reliving hard moments. Some said that scars were a lesson that life had taught them. Some said it was a punishment for ridiculous mistakes.

         One shall not be ashamed of scars or hate them. They show us that the past actually existed, no matter how complicated it was. Scars are healed wounds and they don’t hurt anymore. They simply exist. They taught my characters a lot and stayed with them as a memory. They give exceptional beauty to female body. Scars are history, and history can’t be rewritten.