Lena Altshul is a Russian photographer/artist from Moscow.

Works with photography, collages, graphics.

Her interests include family, working with individual and collective memory, and researching interpersonal relationships, studying psychology , exploring human body through the photography.


Photographic Education:

2015 / 2016  Moscow state University of Design and technology “Photography course”, Moscow

2018 / 2019  School of modern photography Photoplay ”Photograph in Fashion Media”, Moscow

2019 / 2020  Fotografika Academy, Saint Petersburg 


2018  Omelchenko Gallery  ”Present Continious”

2020  Wall - Online project  “DELETE”

2020  HOME MUSEUM project "SMELLS"




2020  Colta  project ”DELETE”

2020  Republic project "SMELLS"

2020  PRIVATE photo review project "SMELLS"

2020  Такие Дела проект "Шрамы есть у всех"




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